MOBOT-IV related technical reports

muRata Gyrostar ENV-05S
Gerhard Weiß
Internal Study, 1992
Abstract - Paper (ps.Z)

Keeping Track of Position and Orientation of Moving Indoor Systems by Correlation of Range-Finder Scans
Gerhard Weiß, Christopher Wetzler & Ewald von Puttkamer
Intelligent Robots and Systems, Munich, Germany, September 12-16, 1994
Abstract - Paper (ps.Z)

A Map Based On Laserscans Without Geometric Interpretation
Gerhard Weiß, Ewald von Puttkamer
Intelligent Autonomous Systems-4 (IAS-4), Karlsruhe, Germany, March 27-30, 1995
Abstract - Paper (ps.Z)

Exploration, Navigation and Self-Localization in an Autonomous Mobile Robot
Thomas Edlinger, Gerhard Weiß
Autonome mobile Systeme (AMS-95), Karlsruhe, Germany, 30.Nov - 1.Dec, 1995
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