ORS-1 Optical Ranging System

Photo of ORS-1

Due to the use of a collimated beam of infrared light (not laser) the ORS-1 is relatively eye-safe during operation. In our application the ORS-1 rotates at a speed of 2 Hz delivering range readings of 0.5° angular resolution.

On MOBOT-V the system is currently applied in self-localization. Future plans do not include further use of the ORS-1 because of the low percentage of valid range readings and strong systematic errors in our building's environment (mainly painted metal walls; scan image below shows excellent ORS-scan, most scans look worse).

infrared light source
output power 2mW and 1" beam width
analog interface
distance resolution approx. 1"
Measuring method: Phase Shift
Accuracy: variable
Range: 2' to 15'

Excellent ORS-scan (most scans are worse, green rectangle equals 1 square meter)

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