Phoenix Mobile Experimental Platform

Research Group Robotics & Process Control

Project Aims:

Photo Phoenix

Phoenix is being applied as an experimental mobile platform in the CAROL research project (Camera Based Adaptive Robot Navigation and Learning).
Aim of this project is the development of adaptive learning methods for navigation and self-localization of an autonomous mobile robot through combined exploitation of passive visual and active ranging sensors.

The application of learning methods tries to improve robustness and fault tolerance of robot navigation in a dynamic and changing environment in comparison to model-based navigation approaches ('cartography of environment geometry'). The additional use of visual data ensures a higher degree of environment information and allows object recognition, an essential prerequisite for complex manipulations in the target environment.

Central research topics of CAROL are neural nets, computer vision, sensor data processing, control architectures and life-long learning.

Potential Application Fields:

Transport, surveillance, inspection, maintenance, floor cleaning, hazardous environments

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