Phoenix Mobile Experimental Platform

Research Group Robotics & Process Control


Phoenix is a mobile platform for autonomous mobile robot research. Its design is a modular construction that supports the flexible use of different sensor and computer configurations.

The actual sensor configuration consists of a video camera on a pan/tilt unit, a Sick LMS200 laserscanner, and additional sonar and infrared sensors for collision avoidance. The robot's control system consists of two Pentium PCs under the realtime operating system QNX and a wireless ethernet data link to the research team's LAN.

Technical Data:

Size:93 x 62 x 135 cm
Weight:approx. 250 kg
Two driven rear wheels, passive front wheel
Self-developed chassis
Motors:2 DC servo motors
Max. Velocity:approx. 35 cm/sec
Batteries:24 V, 220 Ah
(approx. 10 h of operation)
Control system:2 Pentium PCs
Realtime operating system QNX
Data Link:Wireless ethernet
Sensors:Video camera (512x512) on pan/tilt-unit
Sick LMS200 laserscanner
12 Polaroid sonar sensors
16 infrared sensors

Last modified: 04.05.99, Joachim Weber