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MOBOT-I and MOBOT-II right: Speedy Gonzales (MOBOT-I, 1981) and left: Micro Gonzales (MOBOT-II, 1984), developed for MICROMOUSE contests
MOBOT-IIIb Cleaning robot MOBOT-IIIb (1988)
MOBOT-IIIa and MOBOT-C MOBOT-IIIa (left, 1985-1989) and MOBOT-C, a fully equipped cleaning platform (picture: 1991)
ALICE Experimental robot ALICE with synchrodrive (1994)
MOBOT-IV and MOBOT-V MOBOT-IV (left, 1991-1995) and MOBOT-V (1996)
PHOENIX Experimental robot PHOENIX (1999)

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