Robotics & Process Control Research Group
Prof. Dr. E. von Puttkamer

University of Kaiserslautern
Department of Computer Science

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Current research activities - Overview

The group's main research topic is the application of computers in the control of technical processes. Special fields of interest in current research and development are autonomous mobile robots, sonar-based ground profile analysis and 3D-scanning.

Please visit the completed projects page for the description of finished projects in the fields of mobile robotics, simulation and 3D-body-scanning (TOPAS).

Mobile Robots - current research activities:

Robots General aim of the current research activities is the prototypical realization of an autonomous mobile robot (service robot) that is able to conduct task-specific actions under realtime conditions in a previously unknown environment. Potential applications are services like floor cleaning, transportation and surveillance.
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Sonar-Based Ground Profile Analysis:




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